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Unique Send-Offs For Your Big Day!

Choosing a personal send-off is a great way to ensure that the end of your wedding is just as exciting as the beginning. Once you leave your reception you start your new life as a married couple, and we want to make sure it feels as special as it is! There are so many options, such as a sparkler send-off or rose petals, so we've included a few unique options you may not have heard of!

No. 1 - Sparkle Fountain

Sparkle fountains are a great alternative to fireworks and sparklers, and are becoming extremely popular. They do not emit heat and are completely safe for indoor and outdoor events. They make for absolutely stunning photos and a fairytale exit you won't soon forget!

Photo & Sparkle Fountains courtesy of High Tone Entertainment.

No. 2 - Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers make for great photos! You can find them in a rainbow of colors, including silver and gold, and they are easy to coordinate to your wedding colors. Guests have a great time with these and there will be plenty of candid smiles for the photographers to catch!

No. 3 Faux Snow

This is a great option for our winter brides who want snowy, ethereal photos! There are biodegradable faux snow options which can be contained in a popper or scooped into paper cones for your guests to throw. Whether it snows on your wedding day or not, you will have some beautiful photos of your grand exit!

Photo: BubbleandBerry on Etsy

No. 4 - Pennant Flags and Ribbons

Pennant flags are beautiful in photos, and can be personalized with the couples monogram and wedding colors if desired. Ribbons also make for great photos and the best part (especially if your venue is more stringent) - no mess!

No. 5 - Bubbles!

Bubbles are another great mess-free option. They can be personalized and help to get your guests involved in your send-off. Fun for kids and grownups alike!

No. 6 - Pompoms

Pompoms are a fun way to incorporate your favorite sports team, or even just your wedding colors! They also make for a very spirited send-off!

No. 7 - Colorful Craft Poms

If you're looking for a way to add some color into your exit, craft poms are a great option! They are unique, won't get stuck in your clothes, and easy to clean up if your venue doesn't allow messier options!

No. 8 - Leaves

Leaves can be a great eco-friendly option for your sendoff! There are many varieties you could use such as Eucalyptus, Olive, or fall leaves. You'll be falling for each other all over again as your guests shower you with leaves!

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