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Which Season is best for your Wedding in Tennessee?


You are traditional. You like soft colors. It is called bridal season for a reason! Temperature is a big deal for your crew. Tennessee springs are often filled with sunny 70* degree days, but always run the risk of a thunderstorm. 



You are the type of bride that is ready. Ready to be married! You are key to celebrate with your family and friends! Your wedding is going to be one people talk about for years to come. Sun dresses and cool drinks make certain everyone stays cool, as you dance the night away!



Sweaters and warm cups of coffee are your vibe. You love those intimate moments with your friends over candle light. Fall oranges, maroons, and navy with greenery help make your Pinterest dreams come to life! Warm starts and cool nights ensure your party never wants to leave.


Classic. You are a bride that is ready for her red carpet debut! Black & White with a mint a shine! Glamour over chilly weather is the statement of the night!

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Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 4.27.31 PM.png
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